Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a good thing that I am more consistent with training than I am with blogging...

Well, the goal was to write about my marathon training. That didn't exactly happen. The blogging that is. Shortly after I began, life at school got insane. Completely. And. Totally. So, there was just no time for blogging.

But, there was time for training. While it was not easy to make the time, it was the training that kept me going most weeks of this school year so far.

What I have learned in the last 15 weeks?

1. I can do this.
When I started, I wasn't so sure. Did I have the time to train? Was my body (especially my foot) going to make it through the training and be ready for triathlon training? Making the time was a challenge. But we got into a routine and there were only 2-3 weeks where I had to skip of the planned miles. And, for the most part, I have been feeling really good.

2. Running 3 days a week works.
I am not sure that I could accomplish any really fast time goals with this plan...but as far as finishing my first marathon without any injury (knock on wood!), this has been great.  In the past, all of the half marathon plans that I have followed included 5-6 days of running a lot of miles. I ended up with some type of injury every time. But not this one. And even though the focus wasn't on time, I know that I have gotten faster throughout these 15 weeks. I am not sure that will translate to a faster finish time on January 12th. But it will help as I transition back into triathlon training.

3. Lighter = faster.
Last summer I lost 10lbs and I have been able to keep the weight off. While I am sure that running fewer miles probably helped, I have to think that the lighter weight helped to avoid injuries and increase speed. I hope to lose some more with hopes that it will help my triathlon times next summer. I just picked up a book on determining and getting to racing weight that I think will be really helpful. I've had a tough time trying to figure out exactly how many calories I need during training, racing, etc. and this should make things more clear.

4. Running a winter race in Florida will be easier than training for a winter race in Delaware.
I've never been good running in the cold. I have not been good at anything when I am cold. But I have gotten used to it...the cold, the wind, the short day lengths, the deer crossing the path 2 feet in front of me. I've spent the last 2 weeks running inside more since the predicted temperature in Orlando is about 30-40 degrees than it's been on the rest of my outdoor training runs.

5. This has been fun.
I went into this thinking that I would only run 2 marathons. One just to finish, and a second to beat that time. That will still probably be the case (unless I suddenly come into a large sum of money and no longer need to work). I still probably won't run more due to lack of time...not lack of enjoyment. It is quite peaceful running 2-4 hours at a time. All by yourself. Without anyone asking you to do anything for them. I enjoyed it so much more than I expected to! So, we'll see...

6. I will finish.
My longest run was 20 miles...that leaves 6.2 to go. I may be slow...but I will get through them. I would like to finish in under 5 hours. But I am not going to be that upset if it doesn't happen. I'm not flying all the way to Disney World to pass up a chance to snap photos with Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear...and maybe a princess (if Merida is there). There will be another marathon...but only one first marathon. I want to finish AND have fun!

So, I have one week to go. I am really excited!!

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