Sunday, September 29, 2013

Marathon Training Begins! (or at least my attempt at it) sounded like fun. Run a marathon in Disney World! The happiest place on Earth! I ran 13.1 there...and even though that race was re-named "Disney on Ice" (27 degrees and freezing rain) WAS fun! So, why not double the fun...right?

Because, it is hard to find/make that kind of time to train! This was the first week of a 16-week plan that I am going to try to make work for me (more on that in a minute). Since this was only the first week, it was a short week. And it was hard to schedule the 5 workouts in between Parent Night, hockey tournaments, games and practices, grading, etc. was also those 5 workouts that kept me sane in between Parent Night, hockey tournaments, games and practices, grading, etc.

3 mile tempo run
8 X 400m speed workout
6 mile long run
18 mile bike
1200 meter swim

I felt slow during all my runs. Part of that is probably due to not being back on track with my eating again (I took last week after the AC Tri off, which included eating whatever), and part of that is because I am tired (see above reasons) and part of that is because I am supposed to be slow. Well, I am trying to be slow on purpose. My one concern about even trying this distance is that all of the running could re-aggravate my plantar fasciitis. So, I am taking it very, VERY slow. I would rather finish very slow and be healthy than push for a certain time and up injured and having to take time off.

I am using a plan that is explained as "The Less-is-More Marathon Plan". The idea is that you run 3 days a week with 2 cross-training days. It was developed at The Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training. I like the idea of running avoid injury. My fingers are crossed!

Since I have been training for 5k triathlons rather than running distance races, I started the plan already WAY behind on mileage on the long runs. I was supposed to be ready for a long run of 10 miles this week. I had to adjust that down to 6 miles. I actually had to adjust the whole first 6 weeks so that I can slowly increase my mileage. I figure that it is better to start slow and race at a slower pace than get injured on the way to the starting line.

Week 1 is in the books! Bring on the next 15...


  1. Eek. Good luck. I did not have luck with my 3 day a week running plan (SmartCoach, on Runner's World website). I have had my best (most comfortable) marathons when training for triathlons. But my flaw may have been that I was training for a specific time, and I think the program was ill-designed to work for a 3-day a week plan. Anyway, good luck!

    1. Thanks! I totally agree that this plan would not work well if I had a target time in mind. I tried a 3-day plan for my first half marathon back after being injured. It was good to add mileage, but not for speed. I hope that this does the same thing to increase my distance. We'll see!